We are proud to share some testimonials with you from our clients. We asked our clients: “When I ask you about the whole Hustler/MOWTEC experience, what would you say?” Their responses can be found here.


The Principal at Bledisloe School, Taradale, Napier:

The experience has been brilliant, we are interested in cost, long term value and service, Mowtec excels in all these fields. The product we are using “Hustler Fastrak” while slightly more expensive initially is proving to be robust, reliable and efficient. We are very pleased to have made the move to Hustler. Mowtec – service excellent, Product quality excellent, value for money excellent. Hustler – Very easy to use, fast and efficient, lower running costs due to reliability. This is a strong mower, built to last, and very comfortable to use. We think 5000 dollar mowers are false economy, price is only one of the factors when taken on its own is false economy.


The Groundsman at Bledisloe School, Taradale, Napier:

Dale is all about service, going the extra distance, I don’t think Dale would have gone with Hustler if he didn’t believe in the product and its durability, thanks Dale. I thought the Fastrak was a good choice for us as the build is so strong which will last a long time, even if the motor packs up in the future, the rest of the machine is so strong it will be well worth fitting a new one. All these boxes are ticked for us, Mowtec for service, knowledge and experience, Hustler for product quality, value for money, ease of operation, time savings achieved, lowered running costs, quality of finish to the lawns, comfortable and safe.








I like my lawn to look like a carpet, and mowing it with my Hustler, fitted with a mulch kit, it does.


I look forward so much to mowing that I’m always looking out to see if it’s long enough to mow yet, and if it’s not I say “bugga”, or just go and mow anyway.