Who we are

Owner Dale Cromack
Side kick Scott Baker
Boss Fionna Scott

Dale is often referred to as the mower man and often gets phone calls from people saying “I was told you are the ride-on mower expert, can you please help me…”
Between Scott and Dale there is nearly 60 years industry experience, meaning we really know our stuff.
Fionna calls all the shots from the office.


The MOWTEC Story

MOWTEC actually started in my mind in around 1998 while I had a mower and chainsaw sales and service centre in Southern Hawkes Bay. Ride-on mowers were becoming more and more popular, more makes and models were appearing on the new Zealand market, and to me they were a challenge. After spending around 15 years already in the industry, more with the smaller products, rotary push mowers, chainsaws, brush-cutters etc, I had decided that this was an industry that I wanted to be in. I knew it would be changing constantly, and I wanted to be part of that as it changed. Little did I know that the changes were going to be so big, so soon.

All outdoor power equipment interests me, but it was the ride-on mowers that I wanted to get more involved with. The area I was currently in was small, I needed to be where there was grass, and a lot of grass, this is where these machines would be wanted most.

MOWTEC isn’t in town, and does not have a flashy look on the outside, but step inside and it’s a state of the art mowing machinery hive of activity.

At MOWTEC we have a ride-on mower sales and service centre that caters for all ride-on mower servicing and repairs; all makes and all models. The workshop is set up for a very high turnover of machines.

We take the hassle out of getting your ride-on serviced and repaired; all you have to do is phone. And the rest is taken care of, so your mower is back to you, ready to mow for your next mow.
MOWTEC prides itself in quality all the way. We are passionate about your grass so much that it is passed down through the whole process. We want your grass areas to look nice, as much as you do. We want your whole grass mowing experience to be as much a pleasure as you do. We want your mower to mow year after year, trouble free as much as you do. That’s why quality is our word.

MOWTEC is also the home of HUSTLER Mowers in Hawkes Bay. We chose Hustler 5 years ago after seeing so many sub quality machines coming through the workshop. We decided we wanted people to have access to quality mowing machinery, mowers that would last for a long time, mowers that would not be constantly breaking down, mowers that could get your mowing job completed, fast, and that would leave a quality finish.

That’s how MOWTEC came to be, and how it has become and still is a thriving and efficient business.