Commitment by Hustler

The colour of commitment

Our products offer the highest standards of performance, durability and comfort which are the best in the industry. We design our frames, decks and all of the components to last, so you increase your productivity. Here’s a few reasons why we’re the best.


steering-graphic Engineered with you in mind, we have designed the smoothest, most comfortable ride in the industry. Glide through your grass and around obstacles with ease and comfort with our SmoothTrak steering.
warranty-graphic Hustler has the best warranty in the business. Along with our lifetime warranty on the leading edge of the deck and frame, we offer an industry-best warranty on parts and labour.
Low Maintenance
lowMaintenance-graphic With no daily lube points and fast, easy accessibility to all maintenance areas, the Hustler keeps you on the job, out of the shop, in the money.
Seat Height
seatHeight-graphic With a wide footprint, the lowest seat height in the industry, idealised placement of weight over the drive tyres and superb machine balance, our Hustler mowers have exceptional handling on slopes.
Bladegraphic Fusion™ blades feature an exclusive electro-fusion technology that creates an ultra-hard layer at the blade’s cutting edge, which means that the blade remains sharp and continues to give a clean cut far longer than any blade you’ve ever used before.Along with R50™ hardness throughout the blade, Fusion blades stay sharper as much as 2-3 times longer than ordinary blades. Less sharpening means cost savings for commercial cutters.
Zero-Turn Radius
zero-TurnRadius-graphic Turn on a dime with our zero-turning radius steering. We’re the people who invented it. Counter-rotating the drive wheels produces a true zero-degree radius turn.
Trimming-graphic Get up and close to any object to minimize trim time. With our precision handling, manoeuvring for a tight trim is fast and easy. Our mowers are designed to make the trim edge visible for the rider.
Mowing speed
mowingSpeed-graphic Cut down on your mowing time. Our products are the fastest in the industry. Some models travel up to 15 mph. Increase your productivity, instantly.
components-graphic Hustler uses top-of-the-line components. Engines, hydraulics, bearings, etc. are the best in the industry for their application. You can be sure that not only did Hustler not cut any corners, but in fact, the term “overbuilt” is used very often to describe the Hustler.
Easy Service Points
easyServicePoints-graphic Engine service points located at the rear of the machine – oil filter and drain can be serviced with a single pan, with no danger of fluids spilling on belts.
Part Brake System
partBrakeSystem-graphic Patented automatic parking brake system is operated by the steering arms.
Durability-graphic We engineer our mowers with durability as our main goal so your Hustler will last a long time.

One look underneath shows the strength and durability. The heavy, reinforced front edge carries the famous Hustler lifetime warranty on the leading edge of the deck. The Hustler frame is one piece from the front castors to the rear bumper, not bolted together like our competitors’. Our commercial spindle is a Hustler Turf exclusive proven by over 35 years of continuous service. We set the standard for durability, reliability and ease of service.