Why Hustler

I’ll tell you why.

I have been in this industry for a long time, in-fact over 30 years, and I have seen importers / distributors, makes and models come and go, and one thing all the coming and going has taught me: it breeds a lack of confidence, right from the top. The end user is always the looser, with lack of backup, parts availability, lack of technical expertise, etc. It’s just plain and simply bad service, that just becomes the normal. In most cases the retailer and the end user just get used to it, put up with it and expect it to be the way it is.


That is the reason why MowTec has become a partner with Stevens Products and Hustler Mowers. It’s about having full confidence in every aspect. Hustler manufacturing in the USA are right on top of their game, they manufacture nothing but the highest quality mowing machines, they are innovative in design, they have all the right pieces in the right places to make Hustler mowers a world leader in lever steer mowers.

Hustler distribution in New Zealand is also on top of their game. In fact they are light years ahead of others in every aspect. Parts availability and distribution, warranty procedures, mower model availability, backup service, product training, finance packages, and technical support. It’s all there so MowTec can pass on with confidence a Hustler mower to their new owners: you. You can have full confidence that you have the best mowing machine, back up by the best people.

Now a little about the mowers …

Hustler mowers have three things that really stand out:


Quality of build These mowers are the toughest mowers on the market. From top to bottom they are strong. The leading edge of the deck is so tough it has a life time warranty. Some models have four years bumper to bumper warranty some extend to 5 years.
Hustler mowers are simple in design and yet designed very well with minimal moving parts that make them the simplest mowers on the market.
Ease of use With less cluttered controls, these mowers really are easy to use. With safety a priority, unlike other brands, Hustler mowers have things like integrated park brake system that removes any doubt about if the brake is on or not. Just push the levers out and the brake is on. Smooth track steering, that makes mowing perfectly straight. Easy enough to do with one hand, and makes the control of the levers totally effortless. Foot pedal height control … it’s the easiest system I have ever seen.

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