What we do

It’s very important to have the correct mower for your specific mowing needs. It is equally important to have your mower serviced regularly. We see it time and time again with lawn tractor style mowers when people say “it was working fine until today” or “it was going great until this happened” or “it’s working fine except for …”. Machines wear, moving parts wear, things break, things wear out, and when something has wear or it breaks, it generally makes other things break. A single spindle bearing that wears and fails can cause hundreds and hundreds of dollars of damage to other components if it’s left to fail. A bearing is a 20 dollar part that is easily fitted, if it is picked up early. That’s why regular service checks are important.: it is important to get to the rumbly bearing and replace it before it fails and ruins other components.

Ride on mowers work in very damaging conditions: wet grass everywhere, or dry dusty grass everywhere, both as bad as the other. We see so many failed motors on ride-on mowers because the air filter hasn’t been checked often enough, or cleaned often enough, or as bad, has been cleaned but not fitted correctly. Motors that have ingested dust or dirt don’t last, and are very expensive to replace. They need to be checked and serviced regularly.

We suggest a once a year service check for normal operation. One wet season and one dry season is enough to make a mower need some TLC. Regular service checks are much better to catch potentially costly breakdowns before they happen. Mowtec aims to have every mower back out working for the weekend so you don’t miss a mow. And if by some chance it can’t be ready, we will loan you a mower for the weekend if it’s required.


Sales & Services
Hustler mowers MOWTEC is the home of HUSTLER mowers in Hawkes Bay.
Range of mowers MOWTEC stocks a comprehensive range of new and used ride-on mowers, as well as a comprehensive range of demonstration mowers for you to try.
Purchases When purchasing a new ride-on mower, MOWTEC comes to you, we assess your property for you, we look at its size, shape, slopes, banks, tricky bits, grass type etc. and advise you what machine would best suite your requirements.
Repairs MOWTEC repairs and services all brands & all models ride-on mowers
Spare parts MOWTEC stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts, e.g.: belts, pulleys, oil, filters, blades, tyres, spark plugs, etc.
Pickup & delivery MOWTEC has a pickup & delivery service to make things easy for you, all you need to do is contact us.

MOWTEC is a mowing equipment sales and service centre, specialising in ride-on mowers. MOWTEC aims to have all serviced and repaired mowers back ready to mow, for your next mow. We pride ourselves in having our workshop empty of mowers over the weekend, and if by some reason we can’t have a mower back to you for the weekend, you can use one of ours so you don’t miss a mow.

We make sure the machine you purchase is the correct one. So not only does it make your lawns and/or other mowing areas look good, it makes mowing them, easy, fast, safe and efficient. We also make sure your machine is one that lasts a long time, without you having things like: costly and time consuming breakdowns and constant hassles with a sub standard quality of finish to your lawns. With the right advice from MOWTEC we save you lots and lots of valuable time and money, and can turn your mowing jobs into a pleasurable mowing experience.