Hustler 3700 Out-Front

This out-front rotary mower is the ultimate workhorse and is simple and comfortable for operators.


Product Description

The Hustler 3700 Out-Front Rotary Mower is the ultimate workhorse and is simple and comfortable for operators. Hustler’s unmatched expertise in rotary mowers combined with Shibaura’s proven diesel technology makes the 3700 a powerful machine. Get to know Hustler and get to know reliability and performance for your golf, city, and municipality operations.

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Heavy-duty compact tractor drive train
36 hp Shibaura liquid-cooled diesel engine for increased engine life
Front-mounted, welded XR-7 deck, with tool-free installation
XR-7 Side-discharge decks rotate up to 90 degrees with PTO shaft remaining connected for easier maintenance
Cruise control, tilt and telescoping steering wheel
Foldable, two-post ROPS
Low noise and low vibration
Excellent weight balance to achieve maximum stability
One piece full open hood designed for simple access to engine
Full-time automatic AWD with AWD lock
Hydraulic weight transfer for maximum traction
Full range of accessories and cabs
Wet brakes in drive axle eliminate sticking, dirt and corrosion
Foot pedal differential lock for extra traction


Technical specifications

Ignition: Electronic
Electrical System: 12 volt, 40-amp regulated
Fuel Capacity: 49.2 L
Ground Speed: Forward (Low) 0-9.66 kph, (High) 0-24 Kph: Reverse (Low) 0-6.44 kph, (High) 14.48 kph
Blade Tip Speed: 18,266 fpm (60’’ deck), 18,964 fpm (72’’ deck)
Cutting Heights: 5 cm to 15 cm, .4 cm increments


Catcher Specs

Catcher capacity: 24 cubic foot (19.3 Bushels)
Catcher construction: Heavy duty steel frame with sturdy, lightweight aluminium catcher box
Catcher dumping method: Dump-from-seat via left hand operated dumping arm.
Powered blower system: 60″ deck and 72″ deck blower and adapter kit models available.
Powered blower mount: Blower is assembled directly to RH side of mower deck.
Drive system: Blower is powered via belt drive off right side deck spindle.
Blower adapter tube: Blower adapter hose is fully supported by steel framework to eliminate blower hose sag and provide optimum flow of air and debris directly to catcher box. Adapter from hose to catcher box is an all steel design that quick- couples to the catcher box with no plastic parts to wear out.
Catcher aluminium box basic size dimensions: 102.9 cm length x 101.6 cm width x 83.8 cm height
(Catcher will NOT work with the use of any cab enclosure for this tractor model).



36 hp Shibaura Diesel
Side Discharge Deck 72″
Side Discharge Deck 60″
Side Discharge Flex Deck 84’’
Rear Discharge Deck 72″
Maximise trimming ability
Minimise thrown objects


3700_deck_up Warranty

Tractor – 2 year/1500 hour limited parts & service
Engine – 3 year/2000 hour limited parts & service